Sunday, March 24, 2013

Human+Nature Closing Event

Human+Nature's run is coming to a close at Kirkland Arts Center, but we have one more event before we wrap it up for good!

I hope you can all join us on Saturday, April 6th from 2 - 5pm in  the KAC Gallery to hear brief talks from FIVE of Human+Nature's artists. They will be sharing more insight into the creation of their pieces and the ideas behind their work. The artists who will be speaking are:

After the talks, you'll have the opportunity (in groups or individually) to take one of Vaughn Bell's I Peds out in the neighborhood to make a map, sketch, collect some samples or write about your experience. Watch a short video about the I Ped Project here: Landscape for Walking and I Ped

You'll also have the option to take photos on your mobile phone during the walk or simply enjoy a moment observing the pieces of nature we can find in our urban environment. The photos you take will be uploaded into a group slideshow to view when we all return to the gallery. There will also be plenty of time to meet the artists, enjoy some good company and coffee, tea + donuts will be provided. Let's hope for some great weather, but I'll be making a back-up plan just in case! 

In the meantime, I've been keeping busy working on my thesis and finishing up my classes for the quarter. We also started our first project at the Seattle Aquarium in the Creativity Inspiring Conservation Program. If you know high schoolers interested in art, writing, photography or video production, they can read more about this program and apply here:

I was also very excited to accept the Exhibitions Coordinator position at Kirkland Arts Center. I'm looking forward to working more with a great group of staff and volunteers and the Kirkland community. 

Curator/Grad Student Confession #10: Definitely have some bittersweet moments coming up taking the show down and finishing my Museology Program.

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