Thursday, February 28, 2013

From White Walls to Reception Ready

Human+Nature’s opening reception is tomorrow night at Kirkland Arts Center (MAPat 6:00pm. Hope everyone can be there to see the exhibit and join us for food, drinks and great company.

This past week has been all about setting up, installing the exhibition and getting the space ready for the reception. First step was taking down the previous exhibit- Urban Lake, curated by UW Museology alum, Shelly Leavens (check out the exhibit HERE). Shelly, a few of the artists and volunteers came in to de-install the exhibit on Sunday. It went so quickly, we were all done by late morning. That gave me some time to get ahead on the next step- patching and painting the gallery walls and pedestals.


With some help, I finished transporting the rest of the pieces to the gallery by yesterday morning. Then it was finally time to hang the show! Setting up the layout of the show is the part of curating I’ve been looking forward to the most. After lots of measuring, leveling and maneuvering on the part of some very generous volunteers, we finished the install! 

After all the art was up, it was time for lighting- another part I’ve been looking forward to. It was a great challenge to adjust the lighting to minimize glass reflections and a great fun to play with the shadows some of the pieces create. The final step last night was printing, mounting and putting up the label for each piece.

And I’d like to throw in another big thank you to my family, friends and KAC volunteers for all their help with the install. From transporting art, to painting, to hanging- I couldn’t have done all of it on my own.

Before the show tomorrow, I’ll be doing some last minute running around for extra materials for some of the pieces, purchasing the food for the reception, and cleaning up the gallery.

Then when all is ready… bring on the wine and finger food! (Oh yes, and the public speaking… can’t forget about that.)

Curator Confession #8: I now dub March 2nd- DAY OF REST. Celebrate as you see fit.

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  1. Yay! Absolutely cannot wait to see Human +Nature in all its glory!